How much Important to take PPM Service to Dentist for your Dental Equipment i.e Dental Chair, Oil Free Compressor & Ultrasonic Scaler etc.


  • PPM Servicing carried out by our Experienced and Trained Engineers. They will reduce the chance of problems.


  • In PPM Service we will give you a prior information which Dental Service Engineer is coming with a confirm Slot timing through Whatsapp ,SMS & APP.

  • In PPM Service we will provide 4 Preventive Visit + 3 Break Down Calls which is valid under this contract. Each and Every visit will be planned and given in written.

  • In PPM Service if there any spare parts required that is chargeable.

  • In PPM Service we will provide you a CERTIFICATE which you can keep on record; this will satisfy that your equipment is in Good Working Condition.

  • In PPM Service, Engineer will be in well dressed with proper ID Card if there anything happens at that time we will be liable to handle that case.

  • In PPM Service Spare Parts Price list will be given to you for your record.

  • In PPM Service Every time you will get a Service Report after Visit.

  • In PPM Service Every Dentist has a Unique ID Number

Xperts Traders offering a PPM Service for Dentist in Jharkhand @ Rs.4999/- Yearly.

Our Check List for PPM Service

  • Cleaning of Hand Piece -Flush water through the Hand pieces and air/water syringes

  • Lubricate the Hand Pieces

  • Run suction cleaner through the Operatory and saliva ejector Tubing

  • Check / Replace Gaskets on Hand Pieces

  • Checking of Filter Suction

  • Cleaning of water Bottle and Holder

  • Checking of all Nut Bolt in Dental Chair if found loose then we will tight the Nut Bolt.

  • All foots controls & X-Ray viewer and Chair Light,

  • Lubricate Straight Hand Piece, Contra Angle Hand Piece

  • Change/Check the traps on the delivery units

  • Check Voltage supply, Air Supply from compressor

  • Checking of all electrical & Pneumatic Points, Fix them if found loose.

  • Checking all the movement ( Up –down, back- forward) and all programs

  • Checking of Micro Motor Controller & Checking of all drainage Pipe.

  • Checking of articulated head rest adjustments, stool movements, Water supply in spittoon & cup filler.

  • Sanitizing your Clinic

  • Check / Replace O-rings on Hand Pieces Couplers

  • Drain moisture from compressor

  • Cleaning of reflector & Cover

  • Checking of Light arm and delivery unit and grease them if required

  • Checking of Three way syringe, Air Rotor , Straight, Contra Hand Piece.

  • Spray Perfume in Waiting Area and Doctor’s Chamber.